merrow rectangle coffee table


Richard Young

Merrow Associates


One of the rare versions on the classic rectangle coffee table. The slight variations to the fantastic table make for a fantastic addition to any home or Merrow collection.Unlike the normal versions from this range you do not get the visible fixings on the ends of the table.There hidden in the top top which as been flipped on its side, which allow the bolts to be hidden inside.Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail are the norm with all Merrow products and the is no exception.Chromed steel and rosewood with a slightly smoked glass..perfection!A PAIR OF MATCHING SIDE TABLES AVAILABLE.Merrow Associates was started by Richard Young, who is a former Royal College of Art student who later studied at the Royal Art Academy Copenhagen under Professor Old Wanscher. Richard Young is obsessed by quality and the kind of meticulous detailing typical of Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s. He uses beautifully finished glossy surfaces - a juxtaposition of rosewood, steel and glass - as substitutes for patina and marquetry. He trained as a cabinet maker, another reason why materials feature high in his design priorities. Distribution was restricted to specialist retailers. Heal`s and Harrods. Although the firms idiom is essentially traditional modern classic they prefer to call it, Merrow Associates has proved that British workmanship, properly directed, matches Scandinavian.



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