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An amazing 2 seat leather sofa designed by Percival Lafer in the 1970s. Architectural pillars of teak hold a glove leather hammock. This sofa is stunning and not only does it look out of this world it really is comfortable.

The sofa is in good condition for its age and would make a statement in any room of any home around the world.

The Lafer company is one of the most traditional furniture factories in Brazil, and still one of the strongest brands in the marketplace. It was founded in 1927 by Benjamin Lafer, the patriarch of this family business, whose aim was exploring the ever growing potential of furniture retail business in São Paulo. Along the time, the brand Lafer became a reference for quality furniture.

Lafer started manufacturing after the current partners inherited the company, following the death of the founder, back in 1960. Percival Lafer, one of the four brothers who jointly decided to work together in the family operation, became the man in charge of design and product development. At the time, he was concluding his degree in Architecture at the Mackenzie University in São Paulo. His motto, since day one, was innovation. Every design should reflect state-of-the-art technologies applied to innovative ideas. Contemporary designs intended for the mass market; every design should be different and original, therefore patented. The factory was named Lafer MP, the initials MP meaning Moveis Patenteados, Portuguese for Patented Furniture.

A sequence of products, mostly armchairs and sofas at first, were launched in a row of market successes. The factory grew fast, and soon new departments were created in its own premises to support the development of new ideas and materials. Beyond woodworking and upholstery , new sectors were added: a steelwork department for the construction of metal frames, a production chain for moulded polyurethane foams, and a fibreglass department, envisaging the production of sculptured armchairs and sofas.


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